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V 3.0.0 (Major)


FREE Andromeda SimulationBroker license ! FREE AgenaFeed: a real-time intraday datafeed
You can now use AgenaTrader- Andromeda SimulationBroker license for FREE. Visit our shop to download.
We are launching a major version of AgenaTrader with many UI improvements including the new styles and workspaces. Users can enjoy the new styles and new look of AgenaTrader with our own Realtime free datafeed.


RED-48565 AMP // Connection performance with CQG improved
RED-48546 Application // Andromeda Simulation Broker Free version
RED-48429 Application // Discovery live license is available for users with many additional features
RED-48260 Application // New icon style is introduced
RED-48267 Application // Users will receive AgenaFeed on start if TradersYard credentials provided
RED-48252 Application // New styles are introduced: Dark and Light which replaced the old styles
RED-48264 Application // During setting up AgenaTrader at start, user can choose for free intraday datafeed: AgenaFeed
RED-48568 Application // Reload datafeed connection feature performance improved
RED-48558 Application // Workspace loading improvements
RED-48431 Global configuration // Auto synchronization will be on by default for TabChartGroup
RED-48256 Global configuration // Borders in scanner can be removed now
RED-48424 ListChartGroup // When template is not selected, default template “common EOD dark/ Light” will be used
RED-48246 Action Bar // Action bar can be opened or closed by clicking on price scale
RED-48247 Chart Area // Editing of alert price on price scale is improved
RED-48249 Chart Area // Toolbar size and width improved
RED-48250 Chart Area // Price line, indicator visuals are improved
RED-48353 Chart Area // Editing price in price scale is improved
RED-48258 Scanner // Default Right alignment for Columns with numeric value
RED-48257 Scanner // User can add new instrument in scanner by typing instrument name too now
RED-48259 Tools // Renamed Tools: Condition escort to Signal Builder, Setup Escort to Setup Builder, Instrument Escort to Instrument Editor, Analyzer Escort to Analyzer Column and Configuration Escort to Global Configuration
RED-48324 Templates // Now user can also save scanner toolbar settings in Templates
RED-48556 Package // COT package after update for new version
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