V 2.9.1 (Minor)

  • Improvements:

    • #46421 CQG // Added the possibility to use both FrontMonth and Continuous futures contracts (can be set in Connection Options and Instrument Escort)

    • #40950 Drawing // Added Fibonacci Retracements for logarithmic charts

    • #13426 Dukascopy // Client messages are now translated into AgenaTrader messages

    • #46440 FuturesCalendar // Implemented “Move all futures to actual expiry” functionality

    • #46461 IB // Optimized communication traffic between AgenaTrader and TWS

    • #46386 IB // Introduced warning in case there are subaccounts with different currencies

    • #42126 Indicators // Added IchimokuCloud for logarithmic calculation

    • #-46510 MT5 // Sector and industry details of each instrument are now retrieved from MT5 brokers and shown in AgenaTrader (in the assumption that they are originally defined in MT5)

    • #46282 Packages // Improved logic of importing Packages which the same instrument lists as local machine

    • #45913 TradesManager // Improved filtering with dynamical time parameters

    Performance and Security Updates:

    • #46549 AnalzyerEscort // Fixed issue where it was not possible to deactivate Add Remove Analyzer

    • #46589 Chart // Fixed issue where the unattached window in ChartGallery could not be attached back to the main window

    • #46291 Chart // Improved logic for font colour inverting

    • #46338 DailyLossLimit // Fixed issue where the Daily Loss Limit pop up prevented synthetic orders from executing

    • #46264 Drawing // Fixed arrow down the object in default mode

    • #46601 IQFeed // Info message “System time changed, history cleared for datafeeds” handled

    • #46278 Location Point // Fixed issue with “FreeRide” time units were not working properly

    • #46471 Orders // Fixed missing graphical representation of orders relations in a ticking market

    • #46506 OrderStream // Fixed issue where wrong values of Aggregated Delta were shown for Forex instruments

    • #46236 ReplaySimulation // Fixed issue where trades from ReplaySimulation were not shown in Trades and Trading Journal Manager

    • #46064 TimeAlerts // Fixed faulty button which opened Config Escort instead of Instrument Escort

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