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V 2.12.1 (Minor)


RED-47687 Rithmic Trader // Introducing New connection- ‘TheTradingPit’ using Rithmic API
RED-47524 Application // Galaxy licence will automatically activate all Galaxy Addons
RED-47420 Trade sharing // Now Shared Trade Setup tab opens automatically if there are shared trades for user
RED-38128 Indicator // Info indicator now shows Next Earnings


RED-47872 IB // Orders synchronization improved on reconnecting application and TWS
RED-47475 IB // Sync between TWS and AT improved for orders below IdealPro minimum
RED-48142 IB // AgenaTrader and TWS connection stability improved
RED-48142 IB // Performance enhancement for TWS connection
RED-48142 Taipan // AgenaTrader and Taipan connection stability improved
RED-47480 Bloomberg // Provided Inputs in connection setting for Bloomberg SAPI host and port for fast and easy connection setup
RED-47490 MT5 // Trading hours reset improved for US instrument
RED-48133 Dukascopy // Captcha reading updated as per Dukascopy’s new release
RED-47870 Fundamental Screener // Stock EOD Screener will show all of the instrument as necessary
RED-47259 Fundamental Screener // Charts are linked in the fundamental screener
RED-47334 Fundamental Screener // Two categories of presets- Pre-defined Presets and My Presets (user defined)
RED-6595 Chart Container // Chart area synchronization improved in for Tab Chart Group
RED-47447 Chart Gallery// Auto Synchronization for all chart can be turned on from configuration escort- chart
RED-47847 Chart Area // Processed bars at market open and close are improved
RED-47831 Chart Area // 10 seconds chart reload improved
RED-47532 Chart Area // Color scheme for TradingPad is improved for all themes
RED-47902 Chart Area // Color of Text object in ActionBar applies on chart correctly
RED-47394 Chart Tools // Standard Chart Trading Pad will be saved in workspace
RED-47537 Chart Tools // Zoom selection is improved
RED-47616 Drawing Tools // Selected drawing objects on chart can be deleted together
RED-46799 Instruments Manager // Instruments and Instrument Lists will be alphabetically ordered
RED-47161 Instruments Manager // Daylight time change handling improved
RED-47561 Instruments Manager// Index instrument lists as per sectors contains only Indices
RED-47870 Configuration Escort // ‘Load chart on tab click’ settings will be saved in the application
RED-47288 Configuration Escort // Trade visualization for previous contracts can be turned off from configuration escort- Chart
RED-47759 Indicators // PivotPoints border color improvements
RED-47138 Indicators // SessionBreakLines indicator will not be affected by daylight time changes
RED-47785 Import mapping // Added 1 min timer for import instrument mappings pop up and if action not taken, pop up closes and trading account resumes to its ongoing activities
RED-47608 Backtest // Split chart in trades tab is shown as per the selection of instrument from table above the chart
RED-47582 Application // Installation flow improved
RED-47144 Application // Logfiles are collected with using a minimum HDD space
RED-47894 Simulated Account // P&L and related Sim Account behavior improved
RED-18416 Trading Information // P&L can be seen in Ticks
RED-47737 Trading Information // Currency rates conversion in application is improved
RED-47455 Trading Journal // Max Profit and Loss in the journal columns is improved
RED-47438 Style // Column header color is improved for WindowsDefault style
RED-47491 Backup/Restore // Workspace is restored along with the application restore
RED-47467 Scripting // Visual Studio compatibility improved
RED-46022 TY // Trades, signals and analysis is possible to share only on groups
RED-48283 TY // User can upload all trades information to TradersYard to analyze their trading performance
RED-47057 OptionTrading // Vertical expiry line in Option Chain is shown in chart properly
RED-48034 Tools // Record and replay feature improved

Performance and Security Updates:

RED-47216 IB // OptionChain data sync with TWS
RED-47195 IB // Dynamic tick size handling for stocks
RED-47516 Correlation Matrix // Performance improvements
RED-47408 Application // Company name is updated from Cross strategies GmbH to AgenaTrader GmbH in About Application information
RED-47598 Packages // Enhanced loading speed of COT indicators
RED-47517 Scanner Toolbar // Performance improved for selecting multiple dynamic lists quickly
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