V 3.1.0 (Minor)


For easy and fast trading with just single mouse click, you can use now a new feature, One Click Trading Box.


RED-48773 Chart Area // One Click Trading panel for easy and fast trade opening


RED-48845 Taipan // History candles visibility improved

RED-47999 Taipan // Downloading and saving history from Taipan is improved for replay feature

RED-48806 Application // Timezone changes are handled and rectified

RED-48787 Forex Pad // UI/ UX improvement are done on Forex Pad

RED-48294 Application // Color improvements for various features in AgenaTrader

RED-48608 Application // Advanced message window to collect all individual messages in one window

RED-48359 Chart tools // Save Bars Count and Days back to Chart template for loading candle in chart

RED-48539 Strategy Handling // Renamed Strategy Escort to Strategy Manager

RED-47731 Application // Instrument search results is improved by showing instrument only available with connected datafeeds

RED-48335 Sim account // Available and Used Buying Power columns added as default in account manager

RED-48534 Action Bar // Trend Channel icon in Action Bar is corrected and improved

RED-48925 Container // Template application to TabChartGroup charts improved

RED-48920 Chart Area // Trend lines appearance improved with changing time-frames

RED-48309 Simulated Account // Large number of order quantity is executable

RED-48634 Chart Area // EOD chart shows realtime icon

RED-49008 AgenaFeed // History loading performance is improved

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