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V 2.10.1 (Minor)

Fundamental Advanced, Trade Sharing and Improvements


RED-47199 Financial Calendar// Added restoring default setting for price and time alert
RED-44754 Connections // Bloomberg datafeed connectivity for AgenaTrader Universe edition
RED-46626 Indicators // New section to select and configure the Fundamental indicators for AgenaTrader Universe edition
RED-47059 Instrument Manager // Fixed Ticksize will not be overwritten when importing new mappings
RED-44736 Fundamental Professional // New Fundamentals Professional feature, available only in AgenaTrader Universe edition


RED-47103 MT5// Improved trading hours readouts
RED-47160 MT5 // Closing position mechanism is improved for FXFlat broker-MT5
RED-47045 MT5 // Improvement in setting of default order size for CFD in configuration escort
RED-46756 MT5 // Improvements in Resolve setup functionality when reconnects
RED-47037 RithmicTrader // market data login improvement
RED-47038 XTB // Connection improvements for Windows11
RED-46497 IB // Ticks history can be loaded with IB datafeed
RED-47284 IB// Improved position handling in TWS
RED-46697 TY// Improved the representation of changes in shared trades by indenting the changed orders below the order before changes
RED-47190 TY // TradeSharing Disclaimer by Default
RED-46691 TY // Separate Tabs for Shared Trade Setups, Analysis and Signals in Tradersyard social trading
RED-46693 TY // Improved TimeFrame and Template GUI selection for Social trading tabs
RED-46694 TY // Changes in Trades Setups can also be shared on Tradersyard as comment in the posts of initial Trade Setup
RED-46695 TY // If there are changes to a trade (either external/internal) these trades will be marked orange-yellow in the LeadTrading tab via the SymbolColumn
RED-46696 TY // Prevention of closing/auto opening Trade Setup Tab
RED-46698 TY // If shared trade changes, user can easily share these changes by clicking share button in the order bar on chart
RED-46699 TY // TradeSetups Tab: The Setups table have multiple setups assigned to one instrument in a queue waiting to execute one after other
RED-46700 TY // Analysis Tab will navigate the chart to show you the analysis
RED-46701 TY // Signals Tab will navigate the chart to show you the signal. It will also show the trade setup post in Tradersyard
RED-47256 Chart Container // Improved connected chart synchronization
RED-30009 Chart Container // Improved sychronization of charts in ChartGallery
RED-45425 Chart Container // Optimization charts in TabChartGroup
RED-46940 Chart Container // Intraday template for SingleChartGallery is loading properly
RED-46936 Chart container// Preventing immediate execution of synthetic market orders at market open
RED-46815 Chart Tools// Improved storing of Action Bar changes
RED-47274 Chart Tools - Pointer // Improved global crosshair visibility for connected charts
RED-46193 Chart Tools - Grid // X Grid and Y Grid selection improved
RED-45707 Chart Tools - Drawing Tools // Improvement with marked lines and edit lines mode
RED-46812 Scripting // Based on a self-scripted Indicators the historical and upcoming earning event are shown in the chart panel
RED-46975 Scripting // VSWrapper working with Windows11
RED-46846 AT Notification // Server message notifications are properly displayed
RED-45450 Application // Startup time is improved
RED-46555 AT++ Manager // Possibility of revising orders once reconnected to AgenaTrader at Resolve Setup window
RED-47091 AT++ Manager// Improved risk calculation of certain Metal CFDs
RED-47044 Instrument Manager// Performance for Importing mappings improved
RED-47065 Connections // Improved warning message before disconnect datafeed
RED-46932 Futures // Improved and translated the message in Futures Calendar when unable to change expiry date
RED-35867 TimeFrame // Improved TimeFrame selection better user experience
RED-46976 Fundamental Classic // Fundamental scanner columns can be sorted
RED-46978 Fundamental Professional// Fundamental Pad Shows available fundamental Indicators for selected instruments, available only for AgenaTrader Universe edition
RED-47135 Fundamental Classic, Professional// Selection Slider Improved in fundamental screener

Performance and Security Updates:

RED-47188 IB// Added timezone in datetime format for TWS API
RED-47298 IB// OutsideRTH added for few futures which were moved to CME and CBOT exchange
RED-46891 IB // Incorrect DateTime format
RED-47250 FXCM// API updates
RED-46532 TaiPan // OrderStream corrected
RED-43291 MT5 // Wrong exchange for MT5 instruments / read chart mode from MT5 resolved
RED-46251 IQFeed // post market data shown properly
RED-46269 Rithmic // No charts despite Rithmic is connected
RED-46971 Indicators // Corrected ParabolicSAR indicator
RED-46938 Indicators // OBV Scaling indicator updated
RED-38078 Indicators // Earnings in Chart added for master
RED-46021 Indicators // HoldNDays Indicator
RED-46944 Trading Journal // Trading Journal snapshots will be same as Trades snapshots
RED-23020 TimeFrame // HeikinAshi price style selection updated
RED-40009 TimeFrame // Replay Manager and HeikinAshi Chart
RED-45568 Chart Tools - Navigation // StpLmtOrder changing the limit price by scrolling
RED-46845 Chart Tools - Drawing Tools // Drawing objects UI issues / Tironi Levels, Quadrant Lines, Raff Regression solved
RED-46350 Chart Tools - Trade Visualization // Order in Charts with OrderBars turned Off
RED-43423 Application // User Directory on OneDrive
RED-44852 Backtest // Backtest issues summary resolved
RED-45844 AT++ Manager // Rename of account causes risk parameters to be reset
RED-46063 Record&Replay Escort // Record option does not work resolved
RED-46074 Trading Information // Set more days in DateTime filter
RED-46466 OrderStream // Cumulative Delta wrong colours resolved
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