V 2.9.0 (Beta)


  • RED-45665 Final Option Features (for more info, please visit our shop)

  • RED-45986 Introduced hard-disk health indicator to help raise performance awareness of local machine

  • RED-45268 New feature: Signal Trades Analysis Broadcasting: The integration of AgenaTrader with TradersYard has been improved and simplified. It is now much easier to share chart analyses and also trades from the ActionBar or from the scanner. If you want to share only one chart analysis/trade suggestion, you will find the icons with the share symbol in the action bar. From the scanner, you can share several analyses/trades at the same time by dragging and dropping the instrument symbols from the scanner to the symbol list of the popup or by entering them there manually. Also, the popup for entering the analysis text has been made more user-friendly with which you can now also format the text better.


  • #46219 AutoReloadHistory // Improved logic for automatic reload of historical data

  • #25442 Chart // Improved visibility so OrderBar ensures visibility of order’s quantity value

  • #45807 FinancialCalendar // Countries now can be selected when checking holidays

  • #46253 FuturesCalendar // Improved logic for alerting and rollover of a futures instrument

  • #46206 IB // Further improvements are conducted in order to capture more accurate real-time data for OHLC candle values

  • #45779 IQFeed //Three-minute candles are now directly retrieved from datafeed (they are not processed locally anymore)

  • #46287 LocationPoint // Performance tweaks

  • #19039 OrderStream // Labels added to OrderStream statistics

Performance and Security Updates:

  • #46091 Chart // Issue resolved which was compromising the readability of order execution on charts with MT5 brokers

  • #46363 IB // Issue resolved where TickSize was not retrieved before the order was executed

  • #45624 Indicators // Issue resolved with inconsistencies of values in script and chart with SuperTrend

  • #45320 Instrument List // Issue resolved wherein the manual process of importing mappings, failed stocks were shown merged together without space

  • #46107 Scanner // Issue resolved where the “Risk” value could not be shown.

  • #46229 Scanner // Issue resolved where automatic reloading of instrument list was not always triggered

  • #13980 TradingJournal // Issue resolved where edited settings were not applied

  • #46092 TradingJournal // Issue resolved where edited trade values were not saved

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