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V 2.11.0 (Minor)

AgenaTrader meets Bloomberg
If you are running a Bloomberg terminal with a Bloomberg SAPI connection, you can connect your Signalizer, Galaxy or Universe directly to your Bloomberg environment to synchronize watch lists and entire portfolios in AgenaTrader.


RED-47420 TY // Shared trade setups tab will open at startup so users will not miss shared trades by experts when they were away
RED-46808 Instrument Manager // Imported instrument lists will be in the section ‘External Lists’ in instrument escort


RED-47373 IB // Error message “Your API version does not support fractional share size rules.” no longer shows up
RED-47421 TY // User is able to close shared trade setups tab even though there is a running shared trade
RED-47098 TY // Redesign Share post window
RED-47102 Tools // Save Financial calendar columns width
RED-47349 Tools // Improved ‘To Date’ Filter in Trades with future date so as to reduce number of clicks when checking trades everyday
RED-46970 Instrument Manager // Instrument deletion Progress bar
RED-47357 Instrument Manager // Snooze Button for postponing mapping updates
RED-47249 Indicators // Improved visualization of InsideBarsMT over candles
RED-46708 Indicators // Improved SuperTrend calculation
RED-47419 Action Bar // DOM and T&S TradingPad opened alongside of List Chart Group can be saved in workspace
RED-47131 Application // All DLLs are signed and have a valid organizational signature
RED-46783 Chart Area // Added rollover date in Info Indicator
RED-46720 OptionTrading // OptionChain Improvements- ‘Count’ selector for ‘Expiries’, advanced-filter for ‘Open P&L' and ‘Open Qty’, UX of Advanced filters and OptionChain datatable
RED-47114 Workspace // Now user has a chance to save the already backed up workspace as 'Latest’ or as a new workspace
RED-47039 Correlation Matrix // Users can compare instruments from various asset classes with each other

Performance and Security Updates:

RED-46985 AMP-CQG // OrderStream performance is improved
RED-47012 AMP-CQG // Partial order filling mechanism improved
RED-46561 AT++ Manager // Removed setting ‘Calculation Update TimeFrame’ for stop escorts
RED-47089 Scanner // P&L column in scanner is corrected
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