V 2.9.3 (Minor)

  • Improvements:

    • RED-46507 Indicator // OrderStream’s “Aggregated Delta” values are now shown in a separated panel

    • RED-46546 Scanner // Improved logic for font color adoption

    • RED-40950 Drawing // Improved Fibonacci Retracements for logarithmic charts

    Performance and Security Updates:

    • RED-46643 Backtest // AgenaTrader was not responding once input file of raw tick data was used

    • RED-46602 Chart // Hotkeys for increasing timeframes were not working in Chart Gallery

    • RED-46792 General // Optimized removal process of the obsolete instrument in the local database

    • RED-46829 IB // Updated the API due to a change of EUREX exchange on IB’s side

    • RED-46615 Indicator // Issue which caused chart panels to overlap

    • RED-46636 Indicator // Issue which prevented the execution of custom-made hotkey for IndicatorAlarm

    • RED-46756 MT5 // AgenaTrader was reconnecting with broker each 12h and AT++ strategies were lost

    • RED-46465 MT5 // OrderStream values were not properly shown

    • RED-45234 Scripting // Improved handling of custom user code which deals with Target and Stop orders

    • RED-46572 Tradersyard // AgenaTrader was reporting authentication errors after logout

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